If public authorities want to engage the services of a company, they need to proceed very carefully because they are responsible for ensuring that public funds are utilised in a transparent and understandable way. Therefore, contracts for products and services are awarded based on objective criteria: such as those embodied by RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Marks). Public authorities can thus be certain that the products and services meet certain quality criteria.

RAL quality assurance saves time and money

Public procurement law makes the process of checking all bids a time-consuming and costly process for public authorities.
However, RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Marks) can simplify invitations to tender for awarding authorities and contractors. Our film explains why: The RAL quality assurance system is a guarantee of neutrality, objectivity and reliability.

Information from RAL about invitations to tender

Public authorities and contractors face major challenges when it comes to public invitations to tender. How do you prove that certain requirements have been met? What labels are reliable and objective?

You will find further information on this subject, as well as support for invitations to tender, in the following sections: