Food products can only ever be as good as their ingredients. Critical factors influencing the quality of products of animal origin include the animal feed and well-being of the livestock and the cleanliness of the agricultural buildings and facilities. The RAL Quality Mark for Agricultural Inputs certifies the quality of these types of products: Companies who want to use the quality mark on their products must submit an application to the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and make a commitment to comply with the award criteria. Amongst other things, these criteria ensure that the relevant agricultural input is of an above-average quality.

In the case of compound feed, for example, the focus is placed on the calorific value, the proportion of raw protein, raw fat, amino acids, calcium, phosphorous, copper and zinc. The criteria also include tests for undesirable substances. Compound feed certified with the RAL Quality Mark from the DLG also has to be produced in accordance with independent specialist standards. The quality mark can also be awarded to udder care products for cows or stable disinfectants. Companies who use this RAL Quality Mark are obligated to continuously monitor their own processes in order to document that their products or services always comply with the requirements stipulated in the quality assurance system.