The RAL Quality Assurance System

The RAL quality assurance system has been the basis for today’s RAL Quality Marks since 1925. It stipulates that the criteria for the award of the quality marks must be defined objectively, adher-ence with them must be continuously monitored by independent bodies and they must be regular-ly updated to take account of the latest technical developments. It is precisely this neutrality and the regular updates of the RAL guidelines that differentiate RAL Quality Marks from other labels.

The RAL quality assurance system comprises the following organisational levels:

RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.: RAL is the bearer of the system and serves as an independent and neutral umbrella organisation. It looks after the Quality Assurance Associations and is responsible for creating new quality marks. In addition, it protects the quality mark system and the term “quality mark” against misuse and thus ensures that quality marks remain reliable and trustworthy labels. Furthermore, RAL regularly mon-itors the Quality Assurance Associations to ensure that they are strictly observing the guidelines.

The Quality Assurance Associations: Those businesses and companies that use a particular quality mark join together to form a Quality Assurance Association. The Quality Assurance Association issues the quality mark to its members and ensures that their adherence to the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications is constantly monitored.

Holders of the RAL Quality Marks: As holders of the RAL Quality Marks, companies voluntarily obligate themselves to adhere to the quality criteria defined in the RAL quality assurance system. These companies subject themselves to quality monitoring.

One important characteristic of the RAL quality assurance system is the objectivity and neutrality of the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications and adherence with these specifications is monitored by the Quality Assurance Association. The Quality Committees play a key role in this area. Due to this tried-and-tested RAL quality assurance system, consumers, industry and public authorities can turn to RAL Quality Marks for guidance.