Burglars specialise in breaking open locks on windows and doors in a matter of seconds. Protection against this is for instance provided by security fittings, concealed turning hinges or drill-protected security locks. Companies that manufacture locks and fittings with the RAL Quality Mark know how to make life difficult for burglars. The Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge (Quality Association for Locks and Fittings), in which manufacturers have joined forces, maintains its own testing institute where its products are thoroughly tested, including with regard to resistance to forced entry.

Unsecured light wells pose a high risk of injury. They are usually covered with gratings for this reason. However, if these are not anchored correctly, they provide burglars with entry points. They should therefore be secured against lifting and shifting at four points and locked with suitable locks and fittings. Products with the RAL Quality Mark for Gratings meet requirements for safety and quality that go beyond legal standards and guidelines.

RAL Quality Marks that also increase protection against burglars include:
RAL Quality Mark for Multi-Pane Insulating Glass
RAL Quality Mark for Metal Fence Technology

You can find all RAL Quality Marks in our Quality Mark overview.