Landscape management companies ensure that green areas in communities and districts are kept neat and tidy. They are responsible for maintaining and shaping nature and the landscape in both residential areas and undeveloped countryside. The RAL Quality Mark for Forest and Landscape Management not only indicates that the companies have suitable qualifications but also that they use environmentally friendly products and above all suitable technology.

The companies in the Quality Assurance Association for Forest and Landscape Management are obligated to exclusively use technically flawless, modern and tested equipment. For example, they can only use chainsaws that have been approved by the Forest Auditing Committee (FPA) and which are equipped with effective safety measures and have the lowest possible pollutant emis-sions. In addition, the companies place great importance on the environmentally friendly handling of the technology, e.g. during the transport and storage of fuels and lubricants, the use of envi-ronmentally friendly lubricants and the environmentally friendly refilling of the chainsaws.

Due to regular and careful maintenance and care of the equipment, the holders of the quality mark ensure that work processes run smoothly and thus guarantee that the technology they use always meets the highest quality standards.