Every family has a different concept of living together and a variety of needs, demands and interests. Nevertheless, all of them have the same concerns about the well-being of the family members, especially the children. Services dealing with the family should, therefore, offer a high level of reliability and contribute to the well-being of all family members.

Services that make everyday life easier

Combining a career with family life, keeping appointments and meeting deadlines, as well as satisfying the different needs of each member of the family: Organising everyday life is a challenge for many families. Reliable services can be a great help in this area, whether it is providing care for a relative or childcare provision. However, trustworthiness and professionalism are the prerequisites.

The RAL Quality Mark for Quality-Tested Outpatient Care stands for regularly controlled care services provided in the person’s own four walls. Those people in need of care are looked after by qualified personnel and their relatives are provided with professional support for their care tasks. The suppliers of these services are subjected to regular testing by independent organisations. This includes randomly distributed questionnaires that are completed by those receiving the care. This guarantees that the care services provided by the specialist personnel are of a permanently high quality and gives those affected a voice.

Anyone who wishes to receive assistance with childcare would often be well advised to host an au pair as a temporary member of the family. Even if the primary aim is for the young people to get to know a new country and its language, they can also provide a considerable amount of support and add their own cultural experiences at the same time. It is a beneficial arrangement for all parties, as long as they are well-prepared for the new situation. The RAL Quality Mark for Au Pairs offers guidance to host parents and foreign au pairs, as well as to young German au pairs who want to spend time abroad. Au pair placement agencies that have been awarded the RAL Quality Mark guarantee competent advice in the selection of au pairs and host families and offer professional preparation and continuous, reliable support during the stay.

Safe voluntary work abroad

Many young people want to volunteer abroad for an aid organisation. If they base their search for a suitable organisation on the RAL Quality Mark for International Volunteering, the volunteers themselves and their family members can be certain that they will be working for a bona fide organisation. Sending and host organisations that hold the RAL Quality Mark guarantee optimal preparation for the volunteers and a contact person on-site. They also clarify important formal issues such as any regulations dealing with the volunteer’s residence status.

Vacations in the countryside – with a good level of service for both young and old

Shared vacations are often one of the highlights of the year and many families use the quiet period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to plan their family holiday. Vacations on a farm can be enjoyed by both young and old. However, the framework conditions need to be just right for them to be a success for children and their parents.

Holidaymakers who rely on the RAL Quality Mark for Vacations in the Countryside, Vacations on a Farm and Vacations at a Vineyard based on the golden DLG points issued by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) can expect accommodation that meets contemporary standards. Children and adults can experience country life up close, observe the farmer at work on the farm and even provide a helping hand themselves. Vineyards enable people to see how wine is produced with their own eyes. Holiday farms that offer the additional service of Vacations at Riding Stables that can also be awarded the RAL Quality Mark provide riding lessons from qualified instructors, while those that offer the service Vacations at Children’s Riding Stables provide specialist care for younger guests who come to stay without their parents.