It is often very difficult to make important purchasing decisions – and they require lots of knowledge about the desired properties of a product. Even after making the decision to purchase a product, people sometimes still have unanswered questions such as how to correctly use the product. The solution to their predicament: good advice provided by specialists and understandable operating instructions that do not leave the consumer high and dry. Many RAL Quality Marks thus explicitly stand for the provision of specialist customer advice and understandable information. The RAL Quality Mark for Timber Trading, for handicraft tiled stove or the RAL Quality Mark for Industrially Manufactured Single-Source Heating Systems – Installation of Stoves are good examples.

Specialist advice for suitable timber
Anybody who has ever tried to purchase the right type of wood, whether for a rabbit hutch, child’s swing in the garden or as a floor covering, knows that one wood is not the same as another. The different types of wood and their relevant uses are often quite different from one another. Softwoods such as poplar, pine or spruce have, for example, a lower density and are lighter than hardwoods such as oak or beech. They are easier to process but are not as durable. Finding the right wood for your own construction project is thus not an easy task. Employees at companies that offer services carrying the RAL Quality Mark for Timber Trading have a broad level of specialist knowledge, regularly participate in further training courses and provide competent and reliable advice. Customers can thus rely on their expertise. And if a customer is unhappy with their selection, the company also guarantees to process their complaint in a service-oriented manner. They also obligate themselves to comply with the regulations in the German Act to Safeguard the Timber Trade and the code of conduct for the entire “Deutscher Holzhandel e. V.” association, as well as offering timber from sustainable wood and forest management.

Clear instructions instead of gobbledygook
Once the desired product has been purchased, customers are often also faced with the challenge of using it correctly. Written instructions that are incomprehensible or a lack of instructions on the correct use of the product can quickly become a hurdle, test your nerves and also be really dangerous. Anyone who uses the wrong fuel in their stove risks unnecessarily high particulate emissions and in the worst case scenario an apartment fire. To avoid this happening, stove installation services labelled with the RAL Quality Mark always include a test run and the provision of in-depth instructions to the customer on the operation of their new stove. In the process, the installer also explains how the stove can be used in the most environmentally friendly way while ensuring a high level of efficiency at the same time. Above and beyond the issuing of a usability certificate in accordance with building regulations, comprehensive installation and operations instructions in German are provided for the stove. This helps to avoid any user error.