Individuals with varicose veins or leg vein thrombosis require medical compression stockings. If the stockings are prescribed by a doctor and the costs are covered by the health insurance provider, they must bear the RAL Quality Mark for Medical Compression Stockings. This ensures that the stockings have been developed in close cooperation with the medical profession and are regularly adapted to the latest scientific findings. The award criteria include four compression classes, ranging from “light” to “very firm”, on the basis of which the doctor issues the prescription.

If reliability is the most important factor for compression stockings, trust in nursing staff is the focus for outpatient care. Many individuals requiring nursing care and their relatives are uncertain in this regard. When a nursing service bears the RAL Quality Mark for Tested Outpatient Nursing Services, consumers can rely on above-average quality of care. Trained quality advisors from an independent testing institute, i.e. independent nursing experts, check the quality of nursing care in the field every two years and in this way ensure that the quality remains at a consistently high level.

Other examples of RAL Quality Marks awarded for medical services and products include:
RAL Quality Mark for Optometric Services
RAL Quality Mark for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine Facilities

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