Its versatile insulating properties make mineral wool an almost indispensable building material. It is used for interior insulation and in thermal insulation composite systems just as much as for sound insulation. Insulating materials with the RAL Quality Mark for Mineral Wool have another decisive property: They are not flammable. This means that they delay or prevent the spread of fire and therefore contribute to preventive structural fire protection. Moreover, they do not release toxic fumes.

Anyone who spends time in public buildings or large companies should be able to rely on high-quality fire protection. This includes in particular protection against smoke, which is often more dangerous for people in a fire than the flames themselves. The professional installation of smoke and heat extraction systems is therefore an essential part of fire protection. Service companies with the Quality Mark for Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems ensure that these systems are properly installed and maintained. The comprehensive quality and testing regulations prescribe in detail which measures must be taken to ensure that escape and rescue routes are kept clear, fire-fighting is facilitated and, for example, a full fire is delayed or avoided altogether.

Protection against fire and smoke is also for instance increased by these RAL Quality Marks:
RAL Quality Mark for Lightning Protection
RAL Quality Mark for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

You can find all RAL Quality Marks in our Quality Mark overview.