RAL-GZ 695, Fenster, Fassaden und Haustüren

Herstellung und Montage von Fenstern, Fassaden und Haustüren.
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Gütegemeinschaft Fenster, Fassaden und Haustüren e.V. Walter-Kolb-Straße 1-7
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: (069) 95 50 54-25 Fax: (069) 95 50 54 11 Email: ral[at]window.de Contact person: Geschäftsführer Frank Lange www.window.de

Complex services: Guidance for consumers

We regularly rely on a variety of different services during everyday life whose quality it is often difficult to assess without specialist knowledge. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. Reliable labels provide guidance and ensure that consumers can identify at first glance and without expert knowledge what requirements have been placed on […]

Further Quality Marks