RAL-GZ 411, Imprägnierte Holzbauelemente

Holzprodukte für den Garten-, Landschafts- und Spielplatzbau, für die Land- und Forstwirtschaft einschließlich Holzpfähle für den Obst und Weinbau; Kinderspielgeräte aus Holz (nur Außenbereich) gemäß DIN EN 1176; Lärmschutzwandelemente aus Holz gemäß ZTV-Lsw 06; Konstruktionshölzer; Holzbauelemente für Sicherungsbauten gemäß DIN 18918; Holzbauelemente für Wasser- und Lawinenverbau; sonstige Holzbauelemente
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Gütegemeinschaft Imprägnierte Holzbauelemente e.V. Saarlandstraße 208
55411 Bingen
Telephone: (06721) 9 68 10 Fax: (06721) 9 68 133 Email: info[at]mit-sicherheit-haltbar.de Contact person: Geschäftsführer Dipl.-Forstwirt Uwe Halupczok www.mit-sicherheit-haltbar.de

High quality is not only good for your wallet but also natural resources

Anybody who wants to help preserve resources would be well advised to already look for high-quality products when making a purchase. It is certainly true that these products are sometimes a little more expensive than less well-made alternatives. Yet in the case of products that become an integral part of your home, in particular, the […]

A long service life is guaranteed

A long service life and reliable functionality over many years are important decision-making criteria especially for large investments. If faults occur within a short period of time, there is nothing more annoying than a manufacturer that does not accept responsibility and leaves the customer high and dry with faulty goods. To prevent this happening, many […]

Further Quality Marks