Is there anyone who has not been annoyed at some time about being “sold a dud” that has spent more time being repaired than actually working or by faults that occur shortly after the warranty period expires? A long service life and reliable functionality over many years are important decision-making criteria especially for large investments. Any defects that arise after just a short period of time are annoying enough, yet it is even worse when the manufacturer refuses to accept responsibility and leaves the consumer high and dry with faulty goods. In the case of services and products around the home, in particular, consumers place great importance on durability and extensive warranty cover. Professional customer service should also include clear operating instructions and product information.

Durability and warranty cover reduce costs and workload

Purchases made for the house and garden are often expensive or require a large amount of work. Now that spring is here, many homeowners are busy getting their gardens back into shape. This also includes any wooden structures that were exposed to the damp and cold during the cold winter months. It is thus annoying when, for example, a wooden swing requires extensive repairs or needs to be replaced after every winter so that children don’t injure themselves on the damaged wood. A professional impregnation process protects against damage caused by the weather or also by fungi and rot. Wood that is labelled with the RAL Quality Mark for Impregnated Wooden Construction Elements has this protection and also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This reduces the costs, bother and work involved over the long term and ensures that you can enjoy using your wooden swing or sit under your pergola on the first warm spring days.

Advice and clear operating instructions provide security

Many building owners consider installing a photovoltaic system to generate electricity or a solar thermal system to generate heating as a way to save costs in the long term and also to make their own contribution to protecting the environment. Good advice is particularly important for major investments of this type. End consumers can expect wide ranging customer support if they commission companies holding the RAL Quality Mark for Solar Energy Systems to deliver and install their system. This support already starts with comprehensive advice on the economic efficiency and financing of a system, including the available funding options. In order to enable long-term use of the system, the individual elements in the solar energy systems awarded with the RAL Quality Mark have been designed for a service life of 20 years. Operators can thus assume that they will receive corresponding warranty commitments.

Companies who use the RAL Quality Mark for Solar Energy Systems do not leave their customers high and dry after installing the system. Their services also include handing over and commissioning the system. Afterwards, they provide detailed information on the individual components in the system. They explain the different operating states from “unrestricted” through to “dangerous” and provide training for the monitoring system so that customers can respond quickly where necessary. In addition, they provide operators with emergency telephone numbers so that they can offer support in the event of any difficulties.

Easy-to-understand product information as a guide for DIY enthusiasts

Mineral wool is an indispensable material for DIY enthusiasts and professionals who want to e.g. insulate ceilings or walls. It provides protection against both the heat and cold like no other material. Acoustic insulation and fire protection are other characteristics of this material. A particularly important aspect is ensuring that this material is harmless to people’s health. Therefore, this requirement is a main focus of the criteria for the award of the RAL Quality Mark for Mineral Wool.

DIY enthusiasts can expect a special level of service in the form of easy-to-understand product information when visiting the website of the RAL Quality Mark for Mineral Wool, which was organised by those manufacturers of mineral wool that hold the RAL Quality Mark. Readers can learn everything there is to know about the material, its origins, its properties, ecological aspects and its fields of application in a 28-page brochure, which can be downloaded or ordered in printed form. Another information sheet describes protective measures for working with mineral wool, which are the same as those used by the professionals.