Wood is a popular natural design tool for many. However, it is often forgotten that woods should also be selected in harmony with nature. Anyone who values sustainability and resource conservation can approach retailers who offer wood with the RAL Quality Mark for Timber Trade. Their wood comes from sustainable forestry and forestry management. In addition, they undertake to comply with the international standards for packaging wood (IPPC) and the Code of Conduct of the German Timber Trade Federation against the illegal timber trade.

Dangers to the environment also lurk on the road. For example, if packaging material is not safe when transporting hazardous goods, there is a risk of harm to both humans and the environment. The RAL Quality Mark for Plastic Packaging for Dangerous Goods indicates high quality standards for the production of drums, canisters and sacks, which in many ways surpass legal and normative regulations. This concerns for instance the packaging material, closures, seals and valves.

Other RAL Quality Marks that stand for sustainability are for example:
RAL Quality Mark for Re-consumption
RAL Quality Mark for Recyclable PET

You can find all RAL Quality Marks in our Quality Mark overview.