Nikola Petrović is Managing Director of Vispero GmbH. The company uses the RAL Quality Mark for Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany. In an interview with the RAL Quality Marks Magazine, Mr. Petrović explains why his company uses the RAL Quality Mark, how customers benefit as a result and how compliance with the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications is ensured.

Name of the company: Vispero GmbH
Holder of the RAL Quality Mark since: February 2022
Location: Bonn, Novi Sad (Serbia) and North Macedonia
Number of employees: 31
Products/services: Placement and integration of care workers from abroad
Programme of products/services: Social services for social institutions with a need for care workers
Sales/operational area: Across Germany with a focus on North Rhine Westphalia, Hesse and Lower Saxony

Why did you decide to have your products/services certified with the RAL Quality Mark?
The Federal Ministry of Health is the bearer of the Quality Mark “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany”. In our view, the level of quality offered by this RAL Quality Mark provides our customers, partners and our own employees with substantial added value and enables us to adequately certify the quality of our services. We are transparent and the quality mark demonstrates our sense of responsibility.

What is special about these products/services, what distinguishes you from the competition?
As we have accompanied around 2,000 care workers on their path to a new career in Germany over the last few years and most of these care workers have successfully integrated and are still in Germany, we believe that we have developed a unique and socially sustainable concept for the German healthcare market. We not only include hospitals, clinics and care homes in the recruitment process but also offer practical support to help the care workers integrate and provide them with important background information on cultural differences. As a result, we build bridges where they are needed on the job market and especially in the healthcare sector.

What advantages does the RAL quality assurance system offer to customers?
Customers know that the RAL Quality Mark sends an important and distinctive signal and represents a key indicator of quality within their own quality management and process flows when se-lecting partners, service providers and suppliers.

How is it guaranteed that the services associated with the RAL Quality Mark are actually fulfilled?
The tasks and roles of all players involved in the process are clearly regulated thanks to our systematic, internal control system, predefined procedures and transparency. These control measures are implemented by both our customers and the care workers we provide.