Rainer Erhardt is Managing Director of Pro Urbano GmbH. The company uses the RAL Quality Mark for Anti-Graffiti Products. In an interview with the RAL Quality Marks Magazine, Mr. Erhardt explains why his company uses the RAL Quality Mark, how customers benefit as a result and how compliance with the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications is ensured.

Name of the company: Pro Urbano GmbH
Holder of the RAL Quality Mark since: 2001
Location: Waltherstr. 80, 51069 Cologne Dellbrück
Number of employees: 10
Products: Various graffiti removers, temporary anti-graffiti wax coatings, permanent anti-graffiti coatings, UrbanoSil (permanent impregnation) UrbanoPhob (anti-adhesive coating for lamp and sign masts)
Product range: Graffiti remover, protective coatings against graffiti and stickers
Sales area: Sales worldwide, application service in North Rhine-Westphalia
Website: Antigraffiti.de

Why did you decide to have your products certified with the RAL Quality Mark?
Our products and our services are constantly in competition with those provided by other suppliers. There are some untrustworthy companies operating on the market, especially in our sector. The sale of preventative products that protect against graffiti is solely based on trust because customers want a product that as far as possible cannot be seen but nevertheless works as intended.

What is special about these products, what distinguishes you from the competition?
Products with the RAL Quality Mark are tested products from the Quality Assurance Association. Their functionality, ingredients and uniform properties are tested by the Dr. Kupfer laboratory. The products are part of a list of tested products and this list can be used e.g. as a requirement for participation in invitations to tender.

What advantages does the RAL quality assurance system offer to customers?
Customer of Pro Urbano can rely on the consistently high quality of the products and the execution of the graffiti removal or graffiti protection services. They don’t need to waste their time and effort or carry out extensive research in order to find good quality products and good service companies on the market.

How do you ensure that the services associated with the RAL Quality Mark are actually provided?
Compliance with standards and quality assurance regulations is guaranteed and regularly checked by the Quality Assurance Association for Anti-Graffiti Products (at least once a year). These checks ensure that the RAL Quality Mark is taken away from those companies whose products and services do not comply with the requirements stipulated by the Quality Assurance Association.