Andreas Decker is Managing Director of Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH. The company uses the RAL Quality Mark for Furniture. In an interview with the RAL Quality Marks Magazine, Mr. Decker explains why his company uses the RAL Quality Mark, how customers benefit as a result and how compliance with the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications is ensured.

Name of the company: Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH
Holder of the RAL Quality Mark since: 1989
Location: 34434 Borgentreich, Germany
Number of employees: 250
Products: Solid wood furniture – produced in a climate-neutral way in Germany
Product range: Furniture for living and dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and offices
Sales area: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Why did you decide to have your products certified with the RAL Quality Mark?
The high standard of quality associated with the Decker brand is not a marketing feature but rather an objectively verifiable product characteristic. The RAL Quality Mark is based on transparent and very specific quality standards that encompass many different aspects. It is the only recognised quality label in Germany for whole pieces of furniture. Amongst other things, the tests focus on the durability, stability, colourfastness and lightfastness of the furniture, as well as on the production quality and any pollutants. This process makes quality an objective characteristic of the product. This is our aim and the reason why we have our products regularly tested by independent bodies. It means that the Decker brand provides guidance to consumers and ensures that they can be absolutely certain about their decision. At the same time, we are required to constantly maintain this high standard of quality and to continuously optimise our company processes from an environmental perspective.

What is special about these products, what distinguishes you from the competition?
All products are sustainably produced and comply with the strictest ecological criteria. Every type of wood that we use is sourced from sustainable PEFC-certified forests. We control the entire value added chain – from the tree through to the finished piece of furniture. Every piece of furniture undergoes an extensive quality inspection with respect to its functionality, workmanship and any impact it may have on health in the home. All products are produced in a climate-neutral way in Germany and inspected to ensure their quality and lack of pollutants.

What advantages does the RAL quality assurance system offer to customers?
The RAL quality assurance system offers customers the greatest sense of security with respect to the certified quality characteristics. It is not simply about making statements for marketing purposes but rather about communicating tested and certified facts. Due to the wood used in the products, solid wood furniture are particularly valuable products. Customers can see the design and function of the products but need a quality label that is so generally accepted and understandable that it can be “blindly” trusted and which also provides customers above all with a sense of safety because products are tested for harmful substances and can thus be safely used in the home and also help to protect the environment.

How do you ensure that the services associated with the RAL Quality Mark are actually provided?
The entire company Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH is regularly inspected and tested by authorised testing institutions. They evaluate the processes, production methods and products based on the defined Quality Assurance and Test Specifications and thus ensure that the company fulfils the latest requirements stipulated in the quality assurance system for furniture RAL-GZ 430. The whole production process must be environmentally friendly and harmless to health and it is tested and evaluated accordingly.