Name of the company: Jorczyk Energie KG
Holder of the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading since: 02/05/2003
Location: Celle
Number of employees: 54
Services offered: As an energy company with over 70 years of experience, Jorczyk Energie covers all relevant services for private and commercial end customers and is an experienced consultant and supplier of heating oil, diesel, electricity, natural gas and petrol. Tank cleaning and tank construction, especially for heating oil and diesel tank systems, round off the range of services. CLASSIC petrol stations in the Celle and Osterburg region are another main focus.

Why did your company decide to offer services carrying the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading?
Mark Jorczyk: We want to distance ourselves from the black sheep in our sector and reassure our customers that we are a partner that always delivers our services in a correct, competent and fair manner. In addition, we appreciate the unannounced inspections associated with the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading, which give us piece of mind alongside our own monitoring.

Why is it worthwhile for consumers to look for the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading when ordering a delivery of heating oil?
Mark Jorczyk: The RAL Quality Mark guarantees that the technology and vehicle fleet are regularly checked by independent auditors. The unannounced inspections carefully scrutinise all aspects that consumers are unable to distinguish or compare for themselves: the product quality, the qualifications of the specialist personnel, price transparency, the level of safety, the operational processes in the warehouse and administration and not least the proper condition of vehicles, measurement systems and meters. The RAL Quality Mark makes it easier for consumers to select reputable companies that guarantee quality and reliable supply quantities.

How do holders of the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading ensure safety when supplying the energy?
Mark Jorczyk: Only those companies that pass the strict inspections without any complaints are able to hold the RAL Quality Mark for Energy Trading. The holders of the quality mark obligate themselves to comply with the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications for all of their daily processes. They include, for example, regular driver safety training courses, clean and technically perfect vehicles, visual and functional inspections by vehicle operators before starting each journey using checklists and regular driver training courses on the theme of due diligence when filling consumer systems.