Sascha Fuckert is the Managing Director of Gala Germany GmbH. The company uses the RAL Quality Mark for Candles. In an interview with the RAL Quality Marks Magazine, Mr. Fuckert explains why his company uses the RAL Quality Mark, how customers benefit as a result and how compliance with the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications is ensured.

Name of the company: GALA Germany GmbH (part of the GALA Group)

Holder of the RAL Quality Mark since: 1998 (founding member of the Quality Assurance Association for Candles)

Location: Horst-Langhammer-Straße 3, D-91637 Wörnitz

Number of employees: about 200

Products/services: All types of candles

Sales/operational area: worldwide


Why did you decide to have your products/services certified with the RAL Quality Mark for Candles?
We have very high standards when it comes to the quality of our products. The RAL Quality Mark and its associated requirements enable us to clearly demonstrate to our customers that we also live up to these standards.

What is special about these products/services, what distinguishes you from the competition?
Candles and home decoration products often all look the same to consumers and being able to assess the quality of the products – which is often not readily apparent when purchasing them – is thus all the more important to consumers. By using the RAL Quality Mark, we can clearly highlight the quality of our products for consumers. As all of our Group companies are members of the RAL Quality Association, the products produced at all of our sites in Europe, the USA and India also comply with these high quality standards.

What advantages does the RAL quality assurance system offer to customers?
The quality assurance system means that consumers can be sure that they are purchasing a high quality product. This is not only ensured by the product-specific rules in the RAL quality criteria but above all by regular monitoring and inspection of our processes.

How is it guaranteed that the services associated with the RAL Quality Mark are actually fulfilled?
All of the requirements defined by our RAL Quality Assurance Association in the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications are fully integrated into our daily processes. We only produce products that comply with or exceed the quality standards stipulated by RAL. Of course, our quality management system is also certified according to ISO 9001.