Consumers can rely on RAL Quality Marks as dependable guides for high quality in almost every sector and this also applies to refrigerated supermarket counters. Anyone who wants to add some butter or cheese to their shopping basket can, for example, base their decision on the different quality grades stated on the products. The product grades “Deutsche Markenbutter” (High Quality German Butter) and “Deutscher Markenkäse” (High Quality German Cheese) are actually based on a legally established RAL Quality Mark. These labels can be found on the highest quality butters and cheeses in Germany. They are exclusively produced from cow’s milk or pasteurised cream and are not permitted to contain any additives such as soybean oil. A so-called “butter inspection” is also carried out on a monthly basis to check whether the high quality butter complies with strict requirements with respect to its smell, taste, appearance, texture, spreadability and water distribution.