Stringent safety precautions must be observed when erecting and dismantling steel scaffolding. For one thing, there is a great danger of falling during this work. Secondly, it is essential to protect those who work on the scaffolds, sometimes at very great heights. The regulations for awarding the RAL Quality Mark for Steel Scaffolding therefore contain detailed specifications for erection and dismantling, the anchoring of the scaffolding to the façade, its decking or side protection and the qualification of the personnel. Clients who use this RAL Quality Mark as a guideline when awarding contracts significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Waste and recyclable material containers also pose a risk of accidents. They quickly become traps, especially for children. Waste and recyclable material containers that bear the RAL Quality Mark of the same name therefore have appropriate safety mechanisms. The tests include placing a doll corresponding to a 10-year-old child on a box and positioning it in the open container. The lid is closed over the doll and the box is pulled out from under it. The container must be constructed in such a way that the doll falls out after a maximum of 2 seconds.

Other RAL Quality Marks that contribute to accident prevention include:
RAL Quality Mark for Traffic Area Cleaning and Accident Site Rehabilitation
RAL Quality Mark for Sports Hall Floors

You can find all RAL Quality Marks in our Quality Mark overview.