A long service life and reliable functionality over many years are important decision-making criteria especially for large investments. If faults occur within a short period of time, there is nothing more annoying than a manufacturer that does not accept responsibility and leaves the customer high and dry with faulty goods. To prevent this happening, many RAL Quality Marks stand for especially long and accommodating warranty periods.

Fitness for use is guaranteed in the long term
Extensive warranty cover is especially practical for the individual components found around the home. It not only avoids any hassle should the products suffer any premature damage but manufacturers who focus on delivering durable products are also happy to provide accommodating rules when it comes to returning the product. Products labelled with RAL Quality Marks are thus associated with high quality standards that enable a long service life. Impregnated wooden construction elements that carry the corresponding RAL Quality Mark are protected, for example, by a specialist pressure impregnation process. It reliably protects wood that is often exposed to the weather all-year round against damaging fungi and rot. The product thus remains fit for purpose over many years. All timber products labelled with the quality mark also come with a corresponding ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. Privacy screen, glare and sun protection systems carrying the RAL Quality Mark are individually tested by manufacturers with respect to their production quality and functionality and issued with a long warranty, such as e.g. a five-year warranty for the drives used to operate roller blinds.

Expenditure that pays off
In the best case scenario, installing a solar energy system, for example, on the roof of your house should not only pay off from an ecological perspective but also deliver financial benefits. However, this is only the case if the location where the system is installed has been properly selected and the system also offers a sufficiently long service life to recoup the investment costs. The RAL Quality Mark for Solar Energy Systems requires that the installation systems and fixing materials used have a particularly high resistance to weather and corrosion so that they provide at least 20 years of protection against corrosion-related component failure. Property owners can be sure with solar energy systems carrying the RAL Quality Mark that the components found in their system such as the solar panels, heat transfer media and solar storage system satisfy high requirements and come with appropriate warranty cover should anything go wrong.