A nice glass of wine enhances every social gathering. Companies who want to use the RAL Quality Mark for High Quality Badian Wine on their products must send their wine to the official testing authority – in this case the testing laboratory for high quality wines at the State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg – for a so-called “official quality check”. The official testing laboratory uses analytical and sensory methods to test whether the wine can be labelled as a high quality wine.

The maker or bottler of the wine must commission this test and submit a chemical analysis and a sample of the wine with the application. The wine is analysed to check that it complies with certain limits, such as a minimum alcohol content. The taste, colour and balance of the wine are also examined by representatives from the wine industry, winemaking consultants, the administration and consumers. This so-called “sensory test” is organised by the Baden Winegrowing Association on behalf of the State of Baden. Further tests are also carried out on the wine on a random basis.